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    powerhead problems

    My turbo snails sometimes get suck up by the powerhead? Do you guys know what i should do to remove that problem? I am afraid that it can happen to my fishes..

    I am using hagen 402 and 301 powerhead and maxijet 1200...

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    Make sure you have strainers on the intakes of your powerheads and you'll be ok.
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    Like Tang Man said, use strainers over your intakes. Just make sure you don't put the foam sleeve over top of the straier. They clog up in a day or two and you will have no circulation.

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    buy a plastic heater protector and put it on the intake.
    that is what I did after Mine ate a fish.

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    I had one catch a blennie. I put plastic screen from the craft store just inside the edge of the intake, works fine,just has to be cleaned off each week.(tooth brush works for me).

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