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Thread: Glass!!!

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    Does anyone know where I can get some glass?
    I'm looking for something 10mm thick, and I need two sheets that are 2' by 2' each.

    Thank you,
    David Liles

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    you should be able to get 10 MM glass at just about any glass shop in your area. It is only difficult to find when it hits 12 MM (1/2 inch) or thicker. Most shops do not stock 12 MM. Grab the yellow pages and shop a few places by phone and buy where it is cheapest.

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    Thnx Rob
    David Liles

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    If you still need 2'x2' 10 mil glass I may be able to get you some salvage pieces at a good price in Ottawa. Bigger pieces are also a possibility for a complete custom tank construction project. There is even some 12 mil. available!


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