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    Talking Custom hybrid acrylic/glass tank

    I am trying to find information on custom-building a 180g tank that is a hybrid between acrylic and glass.

    I want the good properties of acrylic such as weight, thermo retention, and ease of drilling, for the bottom, sides and back walls, but want starphire glass on the front pane only for scratch resistance :bomb2:

    Does anyone know any information about any local or Canadian shops that can do this sort of thing?

    For fun I inquired about a custom tank at Big Al's at Kanata, and the quote I got for a 6'x2'x2' full acrylics is $2,499.99

    If I only buy the acrylic and glass panes in sheets, what kind of glue should I use to bind them together?

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    Talk to Interamerican in Calgary. Don't have the info, numbers, etc. but see a lot of people getting their tanks. Many americans with big tanks get them from there - better deal, etc. even with the 400$ shipping, etc.

    Good luck bonding acrylic & glass together for this purpose. silicone doesn't bond to acrylic, etc. Not sure it's possible at all.

    For the size you are talking about (which is small for the level, or issues regarding acrylic, etc.) I would just get a three sided starfire tank and plan out some holes. I would love to do that right now to replace my joe-glass 180g with @*(&%(#* cross-braces.

    For a big costly tank (which also means more $$$ inside of it) I would make sure the manufacturer does it all & guarantees it, etc.
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