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    Workhorse7 Wirring

    I'm planning to use a Workhorse7 to drive 2 110VHO and another Workhorse7 to drive 1 110VHO.

    Now browsing trough the forum I saw how to wire 2 110VHO in series by either 3 or 4 of those red wire together. I'm planning to use all 4 red wires. I guess is OK???

    But how do you wire only one(1) 110VHO ? 2 red wires together ?? or what?

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    I use 2 workhorse 7 to light 2 110W VHO.

    They way I wired them is pretty easy...

    3 red wire together and 1 yellow...
    (the last red wire is alone doing nothing)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyP View Post
    I use 2 workhorse 7 to light 2 110W VHO.

    They way I wired them is pretty easy...

    3 red wire together and 1 yellow...
    (the last red wire is alone doing nothing)
    the workhorse7 will run 2 110watt VHOs so if your useing 1 220 watt ballast to run 1 bulb your not getting the most out of your ballast

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    Look up the workhorse ballast on the web. This is a link to the web site for all the different applications you can do with these ballasts. Including wiring diagrams.
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    you can use their site to see how to do the wiring,
    select your bulb and voltage and it will display the diagrams available

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    I believe that a Workhorse 5 (128 watts) is enough to drive your single T12 VHO.
    You could contact Litemore Lighting - 1290 Old Innes Rd. to see if they have any in stock. They will also order for you.
    I've ordered Workhorse 2s and 3s for PC lighting (as well as 7s for VHO )through them.

    Hope that helps...
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    I e-mailed Fullam last year when I switched my Cool Touch canopy over fro PC's to T5's.

    They were very helpful and e-mailed the scamatics's.
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