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    Cool Union/gate Valve

    Is there a combo or do I need to buy both pieces?

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    I know there are True Union Ball Valves but I have yet to see a union gate valve.


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    IJO, a gate valve is prefered for total shut off correct? like when removing a pump for maintenance. What use are ball valves? flow control?

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    Ball valves are just cheaper but both are supposed to do the same thing. The ball valves get rather stiff to adjust and fine tune in short order so many prefer the gate valves where precision adjustment is needed.

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    Yeah, the gate is good for precision, but in time stuff can grow in the area where the gate sits and then it is hard to completely shut off. The ball will always shut off because the sealing parts are behind the ball when it is open and don't get exposed to water- and if you spend for a really good one, all of the seals and parts are removeable and replaceable. The gate is better for control and the ball is better for maintanance and REAL shut off ability.

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