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Thread: Plexi overflows

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    Plexi overflows

    K now that I have my tank drilled I'm going to make the overflows. I did some forum checks and found OSD said to use 1/4 in or thicker plexi for them could I use 1/8 ?? Or should I use glass ?? I think I already know the answer but I thought I'd ask ( I already bought a piece of 1/8 but that's ok I can use it in the sump if the answer is no ). I did see some different Idea's about the overflow....Jonney Rock mentioned a external overflow and OSD mentioned a different type kind of a standpipe with a 90 degree angle inside with slots.....

    Can you guys give me your thoughts??

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    1/8" is too thin. It will bow and tear away at the silicone seams if you drain the overflow area for servicing. 1/4" is bare minimum. Use it elsewhere, like the sump as you suggested.

    I'm guessing that you're intending this for the tank you recently drilled? If so, I think that your bulkheads along the rear pane may be too close to the sides for an internal overflow (drilled in the bottom of the tank).

    If you have the space for it, for for an external overflow so you don't lose real-estate within the tank. Or you could always have a "gutter" running the length of the rear inside of the tank. Have the water skim into this area, before exiting out several overflow bulkheads out the back...

    What are the tank dimensions again?
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    If you do go with the corner overflow you can use glass if you like and then glue egg create to the top but i prefer Plexiglas. I use the 1/4 inch for the reason that Tang man said. I also prefer it be in one piece with the front corner rounded instead of a joint. This can be done by heating up the Plexiglas in the oven until it is soft enough to fold over. It needs to be held in place until it cools. Then cu the teeth in it.

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    Barry c had a cool idea with puting the standpipe outside of the tank and then the overflows don't have to be that big inside. Tang here are the tank dimensions.

    4 foot tank
    two foot high
    18 " wide

    each 1 1/2 bulkhead is 2 " form the side of the tank .

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    yes all kinds of options here Steve. go with 1/4 inch acrylic, even with that i'd suggest you support it with an internal brace. just to be safe. don't want your overflow box to bend and pull away from the glass/silicone.

    as for stand pipes, you have room to put them inside, but if u put them outside you can make your overflow boxes that much smaller. all depends upon where you are going to finally put the tank.

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