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    DIY Thermal-Sensitive Variable Speed Fans

    Several people were asking about the control circuit I use for my fans. Here is the thread of Reef Central.

    The thread is getting old so I don’t know if you will be able to access it much longer. The part that matters it is a post from “easttn”. It follows below.

    The transistor is: Part No. 276-2072a
    The 10k NTC thermistor is: 271-343
    and the 10K pot is: 271-1715
    Find an old used 12VDC transformer

    Put some heat shrink around the thermistor to keep the connections from rusting, but do not cover the tip. Put the thermistor near a bulb and secure it there. Keep the circuit out of the hood. Adjust pot until fan turns on when thermistor is hot (when lamp is on).

    Works great, lasts for two years so far

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    Cool thanks Bvoss!!! Missed the meeting but I was planning on doing this with my fans!! Many thanks!!

    20G Reef Tank (Starting again...)

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