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    UV Sterlizer for 3 tanks

    I've two 15G saltwater and one 35G discus tanks. Can I just buy one Lifegard UV Sterlizer (8W) for use on these 3 tanks, say few hours a week on each one by moving the sterlizer and pump around?

    This uv sterlizer is rated at 280gph max and for 100G aquarium max. What pump do I need? Maxi-jet 900 (230gph) or Max-jet 600 (160gph)?

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    I dont see why not,as long as your rince well to put in your saltwater.I would think that you should go with the 600.

    Its real easy to set up and can install it any way you want.
    And think you have more contact time with the coralife because of the twist inside/

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    I don't see an issue with your plan ether as long as you rinse it between tanks. I have however heard that the bulbs do not like to be turned on and off a lot so you "may" experience shorter bulb life. As Derik has pointed out contact time is the important thing when using UV sterilizers and the twist units do that better then the other standard types. I think you should run the unit 1/3 of a week on each tank say Monday and Tuesday on one small tank, Wed Thur on the other small Tank and the Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the larger tank.

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    Thanks guys. Sounds like a good switching plan.

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