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    hopefully some one can share some advice, i have a skilter 400 and wish to use as a refugium instead just wondering if it can be done and if anyone has some suggestions as to how would be much appreciated


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    I can't help you with your question because I don't personally know the Skilter you're talking about. But I did want to say [welcome2] to Aquaria Canada and hope you enjoy a good long stay here with us!!

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    I haven't done it, though I have considered converting an Aqua Clear 300.

    I suspect one of the bigger issues is to get the current under control. The normal setup directs a lot of current to the bottom of the filter chamber. In a refuge this would churn the sand/mud/etc. and eject most of the content into the main tank. You will likely have to reduce the flow, and direct it to the top of the filter chamber (now refuge). You will also want to make sure there is lighting for the refuge.

    Since this would be a smaller refuge, I would submit that it doesn't need to be lit opposite the main tank.

    I hope this helps.
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    I can comment on the AC Mods, I've done a lot of research into them.

    Typically there's two things done to reduce the flow through them:

    1) Replace the impeller with an AC Mini impeller. It has less teeth & moves less water.

    2) There's a ridge where the in tube hooks up to the pump. If you dremel part of this off you can decrease the flow more.

    I can't tell you if either of those would work with a skilter, but you might want to look in that direction.

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    I would think the skilter 400 would do a good job as a refugium. Of course, it's size would limit the tank size, removing the impellor unit and sealing the flange would be interesting, no good as a skilter after that. You should be able to buy compact lighting. What will you do for skimming while your refugium is cycling? Will you add a protein skimmer? Be sure to have additional biological filtration in place before you remove the skilter.

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