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Thread: Algea Scrubbers

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    Algea Scrubbers

    Helllo Alll, 15 years ago I had a 35 Gallons Marine tank (fish only) with a reverse flow UG filter. Back then wet/dry filters were all the rage. I've decided recently to re-enter the hobby and educate myself before commiting myself to specific product/technology. Boy have things changed since 15 years ago.

    I am finding much contradictory 'opinion' on the best method of filtrartion. ie. live sand/rock, skimmers etc... I've recently come across some articles regarding Algea Scrubbers and was wondering if anyone have tried these (not just opinions) and if there are any plans for a DIY. makes some extraordinary claims re. their units - no water changes, no skimming, minimum maintenance etc... If that is the case, I wouldnt mind setting up such a unit.

    Thanks for your help

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    First off


    welcome to the board.
    YES you will find that things have CHANGED. I also returned to the hobby after a 5 year break. In the face of all this change I have decided to take the middle ground and will run a bit of both the new and the old.

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    I also would like to say [welcome] to Aquaria Canada and hope you become a regular.
    Much like the Ecosystem stated in the beginning that water changes weren't needed, this claim is most probably a plain marketing scheme to get you to think it's the newest "wonder fix all". No matter what filtration you use, or how good your tank is doing, water changes are a basic part of keeping fish..., plain & simple. The skimming part is always a personal opinion and it always get very hot & debated whenever this topic comes up. I am one that feels that skimming is a must. Also, there "is" maintenance required still on algae scrubbers just like anything else. You have to have a schedule to clean alternating screens of algae otherwise it will eventually have no more place to grow. Lastly, algae scrubbers tend to make the water have a yellowish or greenish tint to it, so you'll also need to have goos carbon filtration too. Bottomline is that yes they work well, but it still requires manitenance and depending on your space, you might not have enough to add on a decent sized scrubber.

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    My (hopeful) Setup

    Thanks for your input.

    I plan to build an 'in-wall' reef system in the basement living room. Fortunately, I have a small room I can put all the gear in and hidden. A hole in the wall will provide viewing enjoyment for all.

    Since I am somewhat handy and within a budget limit, i think I can make most of the components for this project (Sump, protein skimmer, refugium etc...). However, I still have not found a satisfactory drawings/detail or other information on how to go about building a algea scrubber.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

    BTW, I do not believe in any one solution when it comes to filtration. I am thinking about a large sump (for water quality stability) an overhead refugium/scrubber, protein skimmer and carbon.


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