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    diy Beckett Injector housing

    Looking for detailed pics of a Beckett Injector and the housing? If anyone can let me know of a site or have pics let me know.


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    Here are a few pics of mine:

    There are no flanges or anything. The top is pressure fit into the housing and sealed with the rubber o-ring. Don't ask me how my friend made the groves for the o-ring though. I asked and he wouldn't tell me

    The top of the beckett is threaded as is the hole going through the lid. There is a 1/2" short nipple going thought which goes into a 3/4"x1/2" reducer bushing. The reducer bushing is then pushed into a 3/4" male and that is threaded to the 3/4" female to barb elbow.

    The bottom of the beckett is a 1" male adapter which has a 1" section of PVC pipe already stuck into it. The bottom plate is threaded to accept the 1" male adapter and is sealed by 2 o-rings (1 on either side of the bottom plate). The threaded unioin then threads up onto it and squishes down the o-rings making the seal.

    It only took about 1/2 hr. to make this, but then again, the top flange was already there from a previous project that he had.

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