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    DIY VHO by ReefVan

    moved to DIY by IJO, original thread by ReefVan

    Try this DIY ReefVan approach, no metal housing to rust or ballast to get wet and fry...

    p.s - Not posted anywhere else on web :

    For this project we use an Icecap ballast, sealed end-caps and a couple of plastic CD holders, yes I said CD holders.

    DIY canopy open with DIY glareshield of smoked plastic honeycomb material resting on CD holders over lights. This protects your eyes from UV and glare when you need to have the hood open.

    Here's the end-caps installed on the CD holders with the Icecap harness housed in a plastic wiring harness shield from Reno.

    Close-up showing end-cap mounted to CD holder which in turn is resting on front end on plastic shelf support from Reno.

    Note holes in top of CD holder for bolts to secure end-caps underneath.

    Light assembly swings up at front to service tank interior, swivels on attaching screw at back of CD holder.

    Note that lighting canopy uses same CD holders as plastic support brackets to rest canopy on top of tank at both ends.

    Enjoy! :


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    hehe sweet Van.

    It's quite funny when you look at all the doodads we end up using to get the job done in our tank setups.
    Fishysan ><>
    180g display main floor, 150g trough, 75g, 20g in basement
    SPS, LPS, softies, many clams & 14 fish
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    Home Depot, Reno-Depot and Rona, my three favorite stores.

    After that Miller Plastics on Cote de Liesse and Abra Surplus near Decarie. :

    Oh yeah and the grocery store cause they got food....

    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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    Very interesting.:drool:

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