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    help with lights!!!!

    After being in this hobby for 7 years "fresh water"
    and one year "SALTWATER".
    I have come to the conclusion that I certainly need
    more light in my 33g tank."Fish Only"
    What I got in my present 33 is just a plain factory
    canopy with low wattage strip light 15 wats. Just to give light I guess.
    My plans now are of a reef.
    So the question is.?
    I have seen a very cheap and efficient set up at
    marine scape on carling
    it consist of four strips of lights 2 white 2 blue.
    they tell me, the hard ware can be bought at rona or home depot.
    would this light be enough to somehow grow
    low light speciments.
    anybody know........and the know on how to conect
    all those wires together. I would like to conect them all to
    just one switch if possible.
    and are the bulbs good enough?
    suggestion very appreciated.

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    yes its very possible. If you want to keep it cheap you can buy 4x endcaps from Ivan here at AC and just buy a 4 light ballast at HD. or, 2x 2 light ballast for a dawn to dusk effect. If you plan a larger tank in the future you might want to spend a bit more and get either a VHO ballast or AC has some smaller wattage MH ballasts . most ballasts come with a wiring diagram.
    you could also buy a plug and play setup if your not electrically inclined and are worried about possible fire. sens Ijo a pm to see what he has in stock for this type of lighting.

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    One way to go is to get two dual bulb wired fixtures. By wired I mean they have a plug already installed.

    Put the two blue (actinic) bulbs in one fixture and the two white (daylight balance) bulbs in the other. Don't try to save money and buy the bulbs at Home Depot, it is important that you get the right ones.

    Then use two cheap timers. Have the blue lights come on 1/2 to 1 hour before the white and leave them on 1/2 to 1 hour after the whites are off. (This gives the sun rise / sun set Johnny referred to)

    Once you have life rock in the tank, you should start with a shorter length of time for the light, maybe 4 hours. Then over the next few weeks add an hour / week until you have about 10 hours of white+blue and 11-12 of blue only.

    If you follow the advise given at Marinscape, you will have success. Each time you ask about a coral, they will ask what light you have and advise you well.
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