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    Float Valve.....


    I have the Home version of the Aquasafe RO/DI Unit -- which is basically the one with the tank and the shutoff valve.

    I currently have to manually open a tap and drip RO in the sump directly until the tank empties and sometimes even longer (depending on how much top-off I need)

    I'm looking to drop a Kent float valve at the end of that instead.. How precise is it? why does it say "not for water level control...." and why is there a check valve if you buy the full kit. I already have the shutoff valve...


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    I have the kent valve, just the float never had a problem. Working for 5 months now. I also have the same ro/di unit from aquasafe with the 4 gallon tank.

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    Eric are you able to tee off at a point in the system and run the tap and a float valve.I was thinking of tapping in probably before the shutoff valve supplied with the RO unit going to the tap and a new branch would be used for the kent float valve. This way you could enjoy good drinking water and have a supply for the aquarium!
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    YOu can also buy the float valves from Home Depot. They are "Wait" brand valves made for humidifiers. They are about $6. I've used mine for about 6 months now without any major problems.

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    do you have a plumming supplier in your area?commercial.ask for a humidifier float all plastic type ajustable.refac sells them.

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    anybody knows why the kent Kit comes with a check valve? Do we require that?????

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