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    more newbie questions

    Hi all,

    I almost have my brain around my future set up! My question now relates to a canopy for the lights. Do these open or do you have to remove them for fish feeding. I gotta think they open somehow.

    I should start planning mine....any suggestions. I am thinking about trying to build my own and enclose 2 * 250 watt Mh lights to begin.


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    Hi jonah. A lot of us build our own. And yes, for the most part they open. SOme have doors on the front. I have seen others where the top is hinged at the back and they can be lifted.

    There are a number of plans out there. Search on the board here or at RC (reef central)

    ps. Love Sussex. I come from Saint John and before that Moncton. You live in a great community.
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    there are lots of ways to build a canopy. Just make sure you think before you start. Think of how you are going to access your tank. (feeding, water changes, etc....) and try to make sure it has some way to let the tank breath for gas exchange too.

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    Any idea what you want for lights: NO, VHO, T5, CP or MH. This will make a difference on how to construct your canopy and the means of ventilation. There are alot of good ideas on a few different sites, do a search in the DIY sections, and if you need any help with the wiring, I can help there too!
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    Make shure you leave yourself some room to go play in the tank. Because you never know what you will need to do down the road. And if you need to remove the whole canopy every time it is kind of a pain if you know what I mean.

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