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    Cutting arylic sheet

    I'm thinking i may DIY some stuffs out from scrap arylic sheets.

    What cheap tool can I use to cut it? I read for 1/8" sheet, I can score and break it just like glass. But for thicker ones (not too thick), can I cut it with a hand-saw, or maybe a small jig-saw perhaps? coz I dont' have any big tools at home whatsoever.

    I'm not making acrylic tanks or anything that gona be under high pressure, if that matters. thanks

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    Snap & score on 1/8" acrylic is possible buy a huge pain in the arse.

    A metal cutting blade in a jig saw works well for short cuts. I've also used a dremel with a zip blade for small cuts.

    If you're joining pieces together the straighter the cut the better. Take your time with a jig saw & use a guide. The worst is you'll need a bit of sand paper for the edges.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    What blade would I use in my table saw?

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    If you do your cutting on a table saw you need to use a double chip blade with the correct tooth count for plastic. thats if you want nice clean edges. These blades are the same type that are used to cut melamine board. They have teeth that are set in a fashion that the first tooth of each pair just cuts the very top of the surface of the material and the next tooth actually cuts the material.

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    Here's an excellent post regarding which saw blades to use on acrylic:


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