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    Rubbermaid as sump

    I thought of using a rubbermaid as a sump. I figured you might be able to save a lot of money rather than buying a real sump or a small aquarium. If you wanted to divide a (let's say 30g rubbermaid) for refug and pump, etc, all you would have to do would be get a 15g rubbermaid and stick it into the larger tub, then glue the edges so that water can't get through. Has anyone tried this?

    I was worried about the tub streching too much so I got a 30g tank for $40 instead - and I'll be spending another $15 soon for the glass that's being cut for dividers. The rubbermaids at Walmart are $8 +/-.

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    I once used a rubbermaid at a sump. it worked fine. I think going with a glass tank is much cleaner looking. Anything that holds water would work really. I built my own 15gallon sump with Ref using 1/8 smoke colour acylic.
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    cool. i think ill be much happier with the glass, as my sump is pretty visable. eventually it will be under my 80 gallon cube, connecting that to my current 55g.
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    I did a trickle filter/sump, out of a round rubber maid pail. I think the pail is used normally for a laundry basket. I didn't really care about the looks though as its on my Lagoon/Grow out tank. It holds 30 Gallons, which is made up of 20 pounds of live rock, a heater, and a pump. Mounted at the top in a pail that I have drilled holes into the bottom of, The bio balls are in there, with the filter cotton on top of. The water from the Laggon flows down to this pail/filter. Ther trickles down through the Bio balls to the Rubber maid pail. From here the live rock does its thing, then pumps back up to the Lagoon.

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