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Thread: need info

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    need info

    Hi all,
    Just wondering if any of you fine people from Upper Canada...aka Newfoundland's youngest territory :blah: would be able to do me a fav and get me a few numbers ..first off all, the bulkheads (of Various sizes) purchased at Home Depot and Canadian Tire...I can't find them at those stores here but they will be able to order them in if I can find the numbers!
    Thanks for any help

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    did you try smith stockley..they are on Lemarchant road. 579-0073 they have everything that you could possibley need. i would check them out. you really wont find anything for plumbing your tank anywhere else around here... give them a call. good luck...

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    I've been looking at Home Depot and Canadian Tire in Ottawa and have not found any bulkheads for sale there.

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    CTC sells them in the swimming pool dept. It is a standard stock item. If you can't find them on the peg boards ASK the seasonal people for help. Next best bet is pool and spy shops.

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