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    Question Steel Stand Thats 40" High!

    Hi,im about to purchase a 40" high steel tubing stand to fit my 180g AGA tank,the tubing is 1" by 2", and 1/8 thick does a stand this high pose any structural concerns??I was going to go 35" high but im housing a cs12-2 ER skimmer in my sump and it requires 30" in height so I figured a higer stand would be better,what do you think?:devil2:

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    I have a stand sitting under my 120g that was made by miracle for a 180g. It is 36 inches tall and made out of 2x2x3/16 square tubbing. I was going to make it myself here at the shop with the help of structural welders but got a very good deal (100$). Depending on how it is made, I think 1/8 is a bit thin.

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    The stand for my 180AGA is 37" tall, 2x2x3/16 square tube.
    I love the height. But keep in mind that you will need a step ladder at this height (or higher like 40") when working in the tank.

    This height is great however because it brings everything to eye-level.

    You mentioned that you're going with a ER cs12-2 skimmer. The removable tops on those skimmers don't require all that much space.. I think with your stand being 35" tall, you have enough clearance.
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    I use a chair.

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    I think its to high if your having it in an area were you'll want to sit and view it as well. 36'' is as about high as I'd go. to high and you don't get a good view unless you want to just stand there and at that height your tank will be really close to the ceiling [unless you have extra height in your home] and hard to work in.

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