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Thread: Advice needed!

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    Advice needed!

    Hey all..
    So I'm in the process of setting up an 18g Arched bowfront tank with a sump. My questions lye in flow rates needed and fitting sizes.
    I already have a bunch of fittings around and am thinking of using the following:

    overflow: 1" bulkhead OR 1"1/4 bulkhead
    Return: 1/2" fittings of some sort? haha.. what do you think?
    Return pump: aquaclear 802 powerhead (400gph) which will be going up approx 3ft 8" no more.

    p.s I quotted the fitting sizes measuring the inner diameter of the fittings. That's the norm isn't it?

    The return line will be split into 2 lines with a SCWD(switching current water director) into possibly 2 corresponding spray bars of about 6" long each. I'm thinking I may need more power going up with the return pump.... Do you guys agree? I already have all the appropriate pvc pipes for the 1" overflow bulkhead so I rather use that....

    Advice please! haha... thanks guys n girls

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    Me again!!!!

    my mistake... that 1" overflow bulkhead is actually 3/4"

    again... 1" bulkhead is actually 3/4"

    Health Before All :wink5:

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    A 1 inch overflow may be able to handle the expected flow rate from the sump but i do think your taking a chance with that size because it will not take much to block it. One snail could shut it down completely. If this is the final overflow size decision i would strongly suggest that you protect it from ALL potential flow rate slowdowns.
    For your closed loop my own experience is that spray bars do not delver the punch expected unless the pump is pressure rated and moving a good quantity of water.

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    Thanks salty.... I will take that into consideration then..... I will most likely protect the overflow with an overflow.... hahah. Kind of redundant isn't it? Isn't that why you've converted to your simplistic T joint overflow? Makes sense.... thanks..

    To confirm.... what overflow size would you (or anyone else) recommend then... especially if I up the flow rate on the return? 1" 1/2 ....?
    Thanks again ... christophe
    Health Before All :wink5:

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