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    Drain Noise Help (Stockman/etc not an option)

    Here is my drain layout:

    Iíve been toying with a few ideas to reduce the noise but nothing is really working. Iíve searched RC for an answer but cant come up with anything. Am I screwed?

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    Well if you're screwed, I'm going to be 'cuz aside from the overflow I'm pretty much doing the same thing.

    I suspect you have some air trapped, likely near the T. Have you tried inserting a small pipe or a rigid air line to let it out?

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    dealing with this myself right at the moment. Most of the noise happened to be from the air bubbles that would be drawn in from the water moving at high velocity.
    By moving my outlet to the corner of the tank it eliminated alot of the bubbles instantly by creating slight backpressure. At the top end we installed an extra ball valve to precicely controll the amount of air going into the system as well.
    A foam pad was stuffed into the top to eliminate the breathing noise.
    Try closing your outlet valves slightly, but be carefull, as soon as your return pump starts loosing it's water height in the sump you've closed them too far.
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    Try a sliding air escape tube that is a friction fit into a non glued cap at the top of the "T" . If that fails decrease the drop distance by putting a 15 degree angle in the down pipe about 1/3 up from the sump. A lot of noise can also be made by the falling water alone

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    I am no expert but try reducing your return flow from the sump so that the water line in your overflow box is lower by maybe 1". While doing this, try shutting your air vent.
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