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Thread: reflector + MH

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    reflector + MH

    Hi everyone!
    Are there any good ideas for a do it yourself reflector? I will be constructing a 250Watt MH SE with an M58 to use over a 20 Nano! If it works out well enough I may build another and convert my main tank into a reef only!

    Many thanks!

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    Well, a DIY reflector isn't hard to do, i've diy'd mine, all you have to purchase is a piece of aluminum, and polish by hand then bend it into the desired shape , a thing of alum polish is like 5 or 6 $ but it requires a fair bit of work to get a good shine
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    You can also buy polished aluminum.

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    Buffer/polish wheel on a drill and and a bit of aluminum polish works wonders and it doesn't take to long. On the oil rig we use a product called alumnascrub xl. We use it for some down hole process tool applications that have some crazy specs, so I'm sure it would work well for this application. It comes in a 750ml. bottle and is like a liquidified gel. It should be available at any marine supply store. Good luck with it.

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    Thanks for the replies
    Will look into some of the compounds for polishing, I never thought of that! I was thinking mirrors ect

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    Man I just set up my 250 over a 20 gallon, i'll have to keep you in mind whenever i run into some of the inevitable problems.

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    Great minds think a like! We will have to share pictures

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