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    Unhappy Sand for home grown rock

    I am planning on making some home grown rock. I purchased some oyster shells and found some calcium based (white) cement. I found this at Home Depot (could not find type 10 cement just "S" and "N" and a box of the calcium based type

    All the sand I found contains silica, or silicated quartz (NO! No!)

    I would like to know if anyone has made rock without the sand or used something else instead of sand. I don't want to go to T.O just to buy 1 bag of sand from RONA.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated
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    call the home depot again and ask them for the type 10. They should have it. Just in case you didn't know, it is type 10 portland cement. And also ask them if they sell white "BOMIX" play sand. It is for kids sand boxes. It does not contain silica as is is not healthy stuff and they can not put it in sandboxes. If they do not have that then just get any play sand. But make sure it is not just a washed beach sand. If I lived closer to you I could give u every thing u need but if u don't whant to drive to TO then you sure as he?? aren't going to come all the way to ottawa lol. Good luck and have fun!

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    ooh I see
    I did play sand (different coloured stuff too) I will talk to them tomorrow
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    BMR have BOMIX and most RONAS, Heck, you can use sandblasting sand if you want.

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    Got my Portland cement at BMR and used only oyster shells.
    P.S. I'm french so I never make any typos......they are actual mistakes :sorry:
    I'm not in a rush.....but I am on a budget! :bigcry:

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