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Thread: Kalk Reactor

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    Kalk Reactor

    So here is my brand new DIY kalk reactor. Total height is 4' tall but the chamber is only 3' tall and 8" square. It will hold about 9.5 gallons of water when full. It will be powered with an Iwaki 15 which is about 250g/h.

    For all of those with reactors out there how do you determine how much kalk powder to put in the reactor at 1 time? Also for the pump on time and interval I know this will vary but what level of cloudines or time to clarity are you trying to acheive?

    BTW it does stand straight but apparently I don't

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    Nice work!
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    You've got a much bigger & cleaner looking DIY reactor than my coke bottle setup. I don't think my system scales, but

    In 2L I'm adding 30mL Kalk every 4 days. I have a light demand & it's constant drip (120mL / hour). Stirred twice a day. Okay shaken really.

    I've just successfully raided JRs tank, so now I have to start measuring again to see if I'm keeping up with demand....

    But anyway if that scales, 9.5G ~ 36L = ~ 540mL Kalk. (about 2.25 cups)

    Take that with a *huge* amount of salt, my setup is so simplistic I'm not sure it does scale...

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