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    How to install baffles in glass aquarium?


    I have a 20g aquarium that I will be using for my sump on a 29g tank. I purchased some acrylic from canus plastics the other day that I will be using for baffles to get rid of micro bubbles. Since the baffles should be 1" apart from each other, how do I silicone properly on both sides when my hand clearly cannot reach down to the bottom of the tank when I try to install the second baffle?

    I installed the first one which is 9.25" tall and touches the bottom. I siliconed both sides and the bottom all around so this one is fine. The second one which is 1" from the bottom I siliconed on the side that is furthest from the first baffle and as far down as I could reach on the other side. Will this be enough to hold it and be strong enough? And for the third baffle, should I be fine with only siliconing one side? I want to make sure that it will last with the pressure of the water pushing from both sides.


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    Here is what I did. I used a 1 inch spach on the bottom to rest the glass on for the second baffle. I used dry erase marker and drew the line on the outside of the glass one inch away from the first baffle starting one inch above the bottom. I put a bead of silicone along that line on the inside of the tank an then slid the glass back into place resting it on top of the 1 inch spacer that was placed on the bottom. I then put a small bead of silicone on the outside of the glass baffle I just placed in and smoothed it with a wet finger. The silicone was now on both sides and I was sure it was sealed completely on at least one side. I let it set up and then removed the spacer. Placing the last baffle is the same without the spacer at the bottom. Its not the prettiest silicone job in the world but its good enough for a sump no-one can see.
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

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