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    is this lighting OK for a fuge?

    I have just completed my 10 gal fuge. It has some spegetty macro and some grape calupra. The question is: Will 2 normal lights (those 15 watt light you use in small fresh water tanks) be enough light or does it need more? they are not florescent. Just plain lights you can get at any pet store (Penn Plax Crysta-Lux Incandescent Bulb- 15 Watt Clear) this is the link to the bulbs I am referring to:

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    I use the Daylight twisted power compacts from Home Depot - more light output for the buck. Macro grows well for me using these lights.


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    I think they would not be enough on the intensity side. I to use Power Compacts over my fuge.
    I would suggest the corallife type to fit in the socket that you have its the pic on the top,of your link.


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    I use the outdoor flood light type p38 from homedepot. It's rated for 19W(=70W NO) and only costs $14. I have good macro growth.

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