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Thread: New Hood Design

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    New Hood Design

    Hey guys, as I said in another thread of mine, I am planning on building a new hood to improve my lighting etc. I wanted to post my initial drawing of my design that I did in Auto Sketch to get everyones opinion on weather they think it would work, and if needed, what you think I should change. First I will post the drawings, then I will explain the general idea of the hood.

    For those of you that don't understand the drawings. Solid lines are visible edges, and dotted lines are edges that are not.

    I guess it's a pretty basic concept. The inner brace will rest on the top edge of the aquarium supporting the entire hood. The inner brace will only be along the front and side edges, and not along the back as I want to leave the bottem half of the back open for equipment.

    I want to have the lid hindged at the back and the front edge of the lid over hang about a 1/2" which will give me access to the lights and ballasts for maintance, and this would also be the method to get into the tank for feeding. I was also thinking of using some sort of hindge that would hold the weight of the lid when it was fully open so I wouldn't have to hold it open with one hand.

    The lid will have an enclosure along the entire middle that will cover both Workhorse 5 ballasts. I was thinking about slotting the sides of the middle encloser and having the top peice slide in and out for easy access. I was thinking of leaving the ends of this enclosure open for wiring and to vent the heat from the ballasts, not that there will be much.

    Then I am looking at 4 T5 lights, 1 daylight, and 1 actinic on each side of the middle enclosure. Other then that I am was thinking about adding a fan or two to help with any heat the ballasts and lights may cause. I was thinking either along the back of the hood, or adding them at the end of the enclosers on the lid, and cutting a slot in the sides of the hood for exhaust.

    Anyway this is my idea. If anyone has any questions or concerns please post. I want to hear what you think, good or bad.


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    try not to have the lamp so close to the edge i think, cause if u don't have a good reflector then you'll loose light

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    ok thanks. I did actually plan on having reflectors. I just didn't want to draw them in, as it might look confusing.

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