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    MH Canopy :biggrinbo

    Well, it's 4:06am, and I'm waiting for primer to dry. YICK.
    Can't see 4 feet in front of me in the garage.... note to self, remember to leave garage door open while spray painting. LOL

    So about 5 PM tonight I decided that I was going to attempt to construct a canopy for the new lighting system I'm looking to purchase. Thanks to the posts on here, inspiration strikes!
    list of events leading up to this moment:

    5:05pm - Tell myself that I can do this.
    5:06pm - Rethink previous thought
    5:08pm - Enlist the aid of my best friend Mike
    6:15pm - Mike shows up.
    6:16pm - Explain to Mike what I'm planning on doing
    6:16pm - Mike tells me that I'm on crack and runs away.
    6:17pm - Bribe Mike with a case of beer & Harvey's.
    6:18pm - Check Wallet.
    6:18pm - Check Bank account
    6:18pm - Plan budget of $200 Harveys and Beer inclusive.
    6:45pm - measurements taken, doodles completed
    7:05pm - Enter Home Depot. pick up neccessities.
    7:30pm - Watch go-fer guy cut the wood
    8:35pm - Dream of killing idiot that left the cart behind my car
    8:40pm - Harveys. Big Harv's are gooood
    8:58pm - Visit LFS for last minute inspiration
    9:50pm - Arrive at Mike's house. (He needs to move closer!
    10:09pm - Assembly begins
    11:30pm - Assembly complete
    11:34pm - Hinge installed
    12:02am - trim peices installed with finishing nails
    12:03am - Start sanding
    12:05am - Start cursing
    12:06am - Wish Mike had a router
    12:07am - See previous
    1:00am - Sanding completed
    1:30am - Get home
    1:35am - primer inside of canopy with white primer paint
    2:05am - second coat
    3:10am - 1st coat glossy white for inside canopy
    3:40am - 1st coat grey primer for exterior of canopy
    3:55am - Head starting to spin
    3:56am - Take refuge at the PC
    4:06am - Start this post
    4:28am - End this post and go back for another coat.

    I'll have more info and pics and stuff tomorrow once I get back from work... 9am
    It's gonna be a fun day



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    Just love the story ! More more more
    Reminds me of Dragnet :-)

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    aww comme on we want the rest
    25g Reef

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    hard. core.
    sold the 77gallon back in 2005, looking to setup a nano

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    Very entertaining... karma to you TaCtIkZ


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    What is it with me and 4am? :crap:

    Well, the canopy is built, painted, reflector installed, Ballasts Wired, Lights in, on the tank, and RUNNING!!
    I also managed to set up a sump today, which I didn't have before. (20 gallon tanks WILL NOT FIT under a perfecto 90 gallon stand... well... I'll post a how-to for that also )
    I'm loving the colours for sure, but note to self... turn off the halides before opening the canopy.

    900 watts of lighting is really really bright..

    I'm too tired now to post up pics, but I do have tonnes taken, and everything well documented. I will post this long project tomorrow.

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    Cant wait to see it

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    wow, that looks AWESOME!
    it was worth the effort!
    My Photos

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    Looks like it turned out real well. I think a lot of people are intimidated by the thought of building a canopy, but it really is just a box. Yours is a great example of a nice, simple, yet effective design.

    I built my own as well, and have had it on the tank for about a year. Over the Chrismas holidays, I plan to pull it off, make some minor changes, and upgrade the lighting. Things I need to fix from the original design:

    1) Don't use metal L brackets to rest the canopy on the top of the aquarium. They will rust.

    2) When I mounted my cooling fan, it seemed obvious at the time, to have the fan draw the air out. I plan to turn it around.

    3) I've had some minor swelling of the wood, eventhough the exterior is stained and varnished, and the interior was primed and painted white. Consequently, the hinged front does not close all the way now. A little planeing should fix that.

    4) I need to make a cut-out on the back for my future HOB refugium. I hope someone gets me that Jigsaw I asked for for Christmas.

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