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    Question Making a reef-safe temperature probe

    I have a Jumo iTron 16 temperature controller with thermo-couple for a probe.
    I need some ideas how to make that probe reef safe.
    I was thinking on sliding it in a juice straw and siliconing both ends of the straqw.
    No idea is stupid idea, so keep'em coming please.


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    is the thermo coupler not water proof or something? why do u need to reef safe it?

    if i'm thinking the design correctly, u can try using a flower plug from flower stores, the little test tube thingys with the caps and put the sensor in there, u might need to play around a bit with the temperature because of the plastic

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    How about just covering all of the probe area with aquarium silicone? Once dry, this should be water proof. Just a tought.


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    Ricepicker, the thermo coupler is exposed metal. I do not want to get that metal in touch with saltwater.
    I tought of flower plug but plastic is too thick, and plug to big for my preferance.

    Serge, I tought of that to, but looks ugly. I might fill the straw wit silicone and slide the coupler in.

    Thx guys.

    More ideas are wellcome.

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