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    DIY tanks - What to use as trim

    Hi all,

    just curious for those who has built glass tanks before, what you use as trim to protect the edges, i'm thinking to build either a 18 cube with glass or acrylic, right now glass seems the cheaper way to go which is too bad cause i think acrylic i don't have to handle silicone, which i hate

    anyway, triming, what and where

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    You should be able to order trim from your LFS.
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    You don't have to use anything for trim, i actually prefer the look of tanks without trim on them if you do the silicone right, i've built several, and i guess thats just my personal preference
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    I thought the top trim was also for support? I know my tank and most tanks
    have cross braces, maybe I'm wrong but I would feel safer with a top trim for extra support and a brace.


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    Have to agree with Fishmonger on this one.


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    depends on the size of the tank. some tanks actually that plastic trim that also braces across the tank is support.
    but,, you don't need it , if your building a large tank then you'll need either glass cross or euro bracing.

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    for trim, on my last tank ( 130g ) i couldn't find any trim, went to canus, got some 1/8" black shinny acrylic cut to 8 foot lenghts and 1" wide.. cut what i needed and glued them together.. didn't look too bad in my mind.

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    Check the glass shops. They sell all kinds of plastic channel.

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    I plan on making the 18 cube with 2 2" side braces that run from the back to the front, i just wanted something for the bottom incase i scratch something or something, but i suppose i should be using a styrofoam cushion anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by One Salty Dog
    Check the glass shops. They sell all kinds of plastic channel.
    in kingston Fort Glass is Great for that kinda stuff
    they accualy know Nothing about aquariums but they have alor of Framing Trim and they will cut it to exact measurements

    also you can order the accual trim for our local FS
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