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    Eclipse Mod

    Well I finally got around to doing the modification to my eclipse hood. I saw this done on Pwall's tanks at last maso and they are great. Alot less water splash and the flow is directed around much better. It cost me less than 10$ at HD and took about 5 minutes, how good is that.

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    Looks good.
    It makes a lot less noise too!
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    I'd do it to mine, but I'm getting new lights...
    2.5g pico: 2lbs live rock, that's it for now.

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    How did you do it? I am about to set up a 6 gallon nano and want to put a maxijet-900 and use that as a return pump.

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    First I popped off the spray nozzles that come stock on the eclipse. Then I got those screw together fittings at HD I think I used 1" NPT and reduced to 3/4. Each nozzle has 1 union female fitting, 1 reducer from 1" to 3/4 male/female, 1 NPT nipple about 4 inches long and 1 90 deg. All you can see in the pics are the nipple and the 90. So I put the union female inside the hood and assembled the reducer from under the hood inside the tank. Then added the nipple with the 90 already on and directed where I wanted. No teflon used, don't really care about leaks.

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