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    Pressurized Tanks & RO units

    I have installed the Aquasafe RO unit. Flow rate about 2gph. I have a mixervalve at about 78. Can I add a pressurized tank for storage and improve the flowrate out of the faucet. Currently I only use it for drinking water. Hope to eventually do the tank thing. Must finish the workshop first!

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    I am not sure what you mean by a pressure tank.
    I have a reservoir tank that holds 5 gal. which serves my kitchen sink. It is pressurized (it pushes the water out of our separate faucet). It is great when I NEED 5 gallons "now".
    I have a valve that splits the water to either drip into my mixing can or it fills the reservoir. At 50lb (or somewhere around that) the RO will stop working due to back pressure.

    I am not sure that I answered your question.
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    I think badmedicine said "yes". ;-)

    Yes you can add a reservoir, but, you need to make sure you add the pressure control switch too. This will shut off the supply to the RO/DI when the tank gets full. Otherwise water will continue to flow into the drain even though pure water production has stopped.

    If you buy a complete kit, this switch will come with it. You should also be able to get the tank and control separately too. Since you can buy a complete setup for US$150, you should pay less for the pressure tank and switch.
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    Thanks guys for the response. Now maybe I can get some good water!

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