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    3/4" bulkhead...

    Hello Guys,

    I'm building a new 10G tank and I want to include a 5G sump. I want to keep everything as small as possible, seeing I have limited space. Now I got a 3/4" bulkhead from Ivan, and he offered a suggestion on plumbing but I'm still leaning toward something like "One Salty Dog" with is ABS "Caps".

    Now is this do-able with 3/4".

    SO the question is WHAT THE HECK to I need for the inside of the tank and the ouside of the tank (front of bulkhead and back of bulkhead).

    Is 1/2" easier to find part for?

    thanks for your help.

    If you have a pic I would love to see as well.


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    Try CTC in the marine boat section. This size is often used for boating purposes. They however are all barb fittings. I would go 1 inch which is still small and neat and tidy.

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    I was just at Canus today and they've got bulkhead fittings in every size and style imaginable. I also saw a couple of different sizes in the plumbing department of my local Home Hardware.

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