I have just installed a JBJ Auto Top Off Controller on my sump. It is a great piece of electronics and very easy to install and run. It literally took me less than seven minutes to assemble and mount the float switch in the sump, mount the controller on the stand and plug in the pump that was already in my RO/DI reservoir. It worked like a charm. Some of you may remember that I had a flood in my finished basement back in July due to me plugging in the the RO to sump pump and forgetting it for about twenty minutes. The floor is being replaced as I type and if I wanted to keep my marriage intact I had to put in a failsafe unit to ensure that that never happens again. I looked at a few different models but went with the JBJ for a few reasons that I have ranked in order of importance. 1. There is a timer built into the unit that limits the pump from operating for more than three minutes at a time. If a snail or some other buildup stops the float switch from shutting off, I will not flood the sump and floor! 2. I wanted a turn-key solution. This unit comes with all the mounting hardware, installed snail guards and wiring. Everything in one box and it all works great together. 3. Ease of use. Just plug it in and forget it! 4. Flexible. This unit comes with two float switches that can be used in various ways. I am using the Mode A setting which allows one float switch in the sump (turns on about every four hours for 30 seconds or so) and one in the RO/DI reservoir that disables the RO/DI pump from running if it is low in water (Never burn out a pump!).
The unit was more money than I wanted to spend but with all of these features and benefits it is well worth it. The only complaints I heard or read about was that it has a buzzer that is very annoying. The unit now has an internal switch so you can shut off the buzzer very easily. The unit also has an internal switch to change the length of time the pump can run from 3 minutes to 14 minutes if you want that flexability. I highly recommend this device.