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    Lifeless Yellow Tang

    Hey all:

    I have a Yellow Tang that is acting lifeless today strangely. This tang dig suffer from white spot ich about 3 months ago when I got it, but it has been out of quarantine and back in my Reef tank for about a month and a half. It has been healthy and eating up until this morning when I came down to check my Percula Clown the 1 of 4 that survived the Reef solution incident that was being talked about yesterday, which seems to be doing well by the looks of it.
    Anyways back on topic, Iíve checked this tang all over for white and black spot ich, the gills are looking good, well what I can see of them no HLLE either. Does anybody have any ideas what would cause this or what is causing this. I did transfer the fish out of my display and put it in my refuge just incase the worst happens. There is a Kole tang in the tank as well, but it is eating and looking 100% as of when I left to type this up. I have never seen any issues between the tangs so I donít think its stress related issue between the two tangs.

    My tank conditions as of 12pm are

    Temp 79.8F
    Salinity 1.024
    Calcium 410ppm
    Alkalinity 14Dkh little high but itís been like that forever
    Ph 8.2
    Nitrite 0.0
    Nitrate 15-18
    Ammonia 0.0

    If anybody has any ideas at this point any help would be greatly appreciated. There has been enough fish deaths in the past 3 days for me.



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    The high alkalinity is of concern. I'd try to lower that down.

    I'm not sure what other fish deaths you are referring to, but a 65gal tank (as noted in your profile) is a little small for 2 tangs. I'd venture to say that he's stressed.
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    mattmaika, it may be possible that your yellow tang had a stroke. I've read many post about people who think or saw (including me) a fish who went through a stroke. I think it occurrs more commom than we think. Did it run when you were trying to net it?

    Hopefully it recovers.

    Tangman, this is the thread mattmaika was refereing to
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    Thanks for the replies guys, but sadly when I arrived home last night it had passed. In response to Tangman that could have been a possibility, but there was never any aggression between the two fish they kept to them selves but still a good possibility at this point. In response to gophia I was able to pick the fish up and move it with my hand, so it could have been a stroke. The strange thing about this is that at 9am it was out and eating looking fine at 11:30am it was on the bottom. Then when I moved it into my fuge it was on the bottom or moving around a bit and stayed like that all day. I then left for the evening but making phone calls all night to check up on it like a sick child. But by 1am when I had arrived back home it was on the bottom dead, sadly. So at this point Iím totally lost for words as to what caused this. I do know my alkalinity is a bit on the high end, so I have taken measures to try yet again to correct this. As for the rest of my livestock everything is looking healthy and eating.


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