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    Exclamation White spots... Help!

    Just came back from another race weekend to discover that some of my fish have white spots!

    Coral Beauty seems to be the most infected, 1 of my 3 firefish and one of my clowns (not certain)

    How can I treat this. A hospital tank with copper is good I think but catching the fish is near impossible.

    Could just a cleaner shrimp do the job?

    "The Other" Ivan

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    Is there any reef safe medications that work out there?

    "The Other" Ivan

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    Not really. Some people have had luck with Ruby products, but the text-book answer is catch them, QT them for treatment and leave the display fishless for 6 weeks.

    Treatment is either copper or hypo-salinity. There's tonnes of info on both techniques.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    I have had luck with a product called stop parasite some time ago. also more luck with cleaner wrasse thank shrimp.

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    I had the same issue with me flase perc. Gave him a week as he came with ich from the lfs (i never noticed it at the time) kept the water quality up and everything. Came home yesterday and he was all better. but i got a cleaner shrimp just incase. He is already trying to mollest my fish.

    Next option i would say is hypo salinity in a qt tank. Coooper = bad from my under standing.
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    My clearner shrimps eradicated the issue on my yellow tang as well as my clowns. I also reduced the photo period for a few days (put the fish in a more dormant state to allow the cleaning as well some parasites like brighter light) this does not usually affect the corals if it is for only a couple days.

    By the way i think that it is not yet proven that these things die off after 6 weeks. I haven't changed anything in my tank since Christmas and they still got ich! Either some fish are carriers or the parasites live longer than 6 weeks!

    Some fish cleaner crew is always a good idea for this reason. I prefer shrimp as they also eat other food and will not starve. Cleaner Wrasse is a good fish as well but they do not eat as well as the shrimp when the fish are healthy and they apparantly will not clean some parasites (black ich for example). I also heard that neon gobys will clean but I have not seen this personally.

    Good luck
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    Well, white spots have dissapeared!

    They have gone as fast as they apeared ????? :confused-

    I set-up a hospital tank on Monday and was going to catch my Coral Beauty yesterday after work. Got home, no more spots...

    Should I still isolate him or just wait and see? All the other fish are OK
    "The Other" Ivan

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