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    copper and substrate

    Will copper treatment be effective in a tank with a substrate? I am using coppersafe and using a copper test kit. It looks to be the right colour between 1 and 2 (where the directions say it should be) and I planned on treating for suspected ich for 2 weeks. Also if any other fish were put in to QT would the residual copper in the rock and sand harm them in such small doses. (I realize I can not have inverts or corals in it now.)

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    Off the top, it's going to keep your bio filter pooched and provide an area where detruis can build up & rot causing pH/ammonia/nitrite problems
    On top of that it will complicate further treatments in the tank as a pH shift can release additional copper into the water.

    I QT in a nano with live rock & sand, but any treatments happen in a seperate hospital tank that's normally empty.

    On top of that I'm fully prepared to toss the contents of the nano, should I ever question it, it's way cheaper than risking my 90G set up.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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