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    Wrasse with a bacterial infection

    Hi everyone,

    for those who have not read my last post, last week I have removed all my fish from my main tank to treat them in an hospital tank for ICK. I am using hyposalinity at 1.009 SPG.

    I had big trouble to catch my six line wrasse. While I was trying to catch it, maybe it hurt itself or it is the fact that I have disturbed the sand of the tank or tha fact that I had to turn off the circulation of the tank for 1 hour or more while I was trying to cath it or a mix of all that...

    But anyway the day after I put it in the hospital tank it have developed a red wound spot on the top of ther head with white stuff around it and it stand since then on the bottom of tank, have difficulties to swim on does'nt eat... It was a pig the day before...

    I really think it is a bacterial infection. Sinc yesterday I put some Pimafix in the hospital tank. But does'nt seam to help for now...

    I can't find any good medication for bacterial infection like FURAN in Montreal...

    Anyone have an idea what I should do to treat it??


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    I have tried to give it a bath with few drop of formalin/green malachite because at few places it says that the green malchite is antibacterial... don'T know what it worth...

    I have ordered from big als some Neoplex, it is an antibacterial... Will see if it is shipped before the wrasse have dies...


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