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    ICK and fish in QT

    Here i'am again!
    I've put all my fish in QT since i found out that there was ICK in the tank.
    Now i notice(4 days after) that some other fish are getting it too(did not have it before QT).Is that normal ?
    I'm using Kent Marine RX-P every 2 days as specified on the bottle.QT tank is 20 gal.I'm trying to use as much as natural cure possible.

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    If you found ick in the tank and then removed the fish to a common QT, it is very likely the fish had some level of ick or transferred from the infected fish to the unaflicted fish.

    I haven't battled ick yet myself (this is me, knocking on wood).

    The stress of being moved to QT and the stress of being in QT could be contributing to the problem. Make sure the QT is in a quiet spot, only slightly lit. Make sure there are some pipes and such for the fish to hide in when they feel threatened.

    You should do water changes to make sure the water quality stays good. If the ick medication you are using allows it, run some carbon too. Now that things are isolated, don't move anything from the display tank to the QT, including your hands, you could re-infect the QT and occupants.

    Other than that, it is a waiting game. Follow the directions for the meds and hope for the best.
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    Personnaly I think that Kent Rx-p is a junk. If I am correct, the stuff is made with or something like that.

    Do a search with my nickname and ick, and you will find a post with many link to article about ick. You will find instruction how to use copper or hypoisalinity if you want something more natural.

    You can't just use something weak as Rx-p because if you fish are fine but still cary it, you will introduce it again in the main tank when you will put them back there.

    For many expert, only Hyposalinity or cooper are usefull to get ride completly of ick.

    With hyposalinity you absolutly need a SPG as low as 1.009 or it useless.

    If you go cooper, go with Cupramine from Seachem, for many this is the best actually.

    You will need to treat them for at leat 4 weeks and you need to let the main tank without any fish for at least 6 weeks if you want to let it all die.

    Good luck!!


    P.S. I have the same problem right now !!! :biggrinbo

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    Well 3 weeks after(i've switch to hyposalinity)and it just seems to be worst.The ICK is not going away.I do 10%-15% water change twice a week.I have bare bottom,1 power head,1 hang on filter(no media) and Prizm skimmer(20 gal. tank).I'm now wondering how accurate is my DEEP SIX hydrometer.My needle is all the way down on chart(under all the grades) but still floating a bit.I'm assuming that it is about 1.009 since the last stamp grade is 1.011. Now i'm thinking of making a fresh batch of water(using same salinity)clean the tank and acc. and use a copper dip for the fish.I will keep all fish in QT.
    What is my best bet?

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    go and buy yourself a refractometer, that low sg hydrometer aren't accurate... or ask if someone can lend you one...

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