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    My clown fish is sick

    I recently purchased two false percula clown fish. I am noticing one of them seems to be acting odd. His color is good, and no signs of ich or anything. In the morning he is lying on the bottom of the tank almost motionless. Then by mid afternoon straight through to the evening he is fine. I read a post in this forum and I am convinced that this behavior is some what normal. It appears the fish is napping. The only thing I am worried about is the fact that he isn't eating. I've been feeding anything I possibly can and he'll attempt to eat the food, then spit it back out. I've fed a mixture of food over the last week, including mysis shrimp, seaweed, plankton, formula one flakes, and pellet foods. The fish is only a week old, any suggestions?
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    The clown fish will find a place to rest while he is 'napping'. One of mine used to nap near the overflow and would constantly go into the overflow and down into the sump. Now that he has a host anenome, no more going down the drain...opps...overflow.

    Now, not eating isn't a good sign. Is the other clown fish eating the same foods ? Was the clown eating at the LFS ?
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    How's his breathing???
    If he's breathing rapidly, and has mouth wide open....look for a foggy substance covering his gills and mouth.
    I lost 2 false perculas and one real one to salt-water-velvet disease.
    I really hope yours is only napping.

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    If he's really tiny you might try cyclopse-eze. The free dried stuff is very small & just about everything will eat it.

    Did you QT the fish?

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