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    :help: :help: :help: :help:
    just got back from work and was looking for My big anemone and it
    is stuck in my seio 820 pump ( the pump is now off ) :rant: :rant: :errr:
    what should i do?????????????
    will it get out by it self anything i should do ????

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    Never happened to me but got this from another site:

    "Should an anemone get sucked into a pump or powerhead,
    just unplug the pump and don't touch. If it hasn't been damaged by the impellor it may slowly pull itself out."

    Hopefully, it'll be fine, good luck...

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    Watch your fish for signs of stress, run carbon and / or poly now if you have some & aren't running it. Set your skimmer wetter than normal and test the water parameters.

    Start mixing water for a partial as well and do one as soon as you can. It's extremely likely you'll need to do one.

    Test the water params frequently & if you have actinics look for glowing bits in the water column, sand bed, & rocks that may be shredded pieces of the anemone. That can clue you into how bad it got chopped up. It's by no means a sure method, just an idea.

    If the fish start panting, look listless or otherwise act 'wierd' they're having problems. You need to dilute the poison & remove it with carbon. Fludize the carbon if you have a phosban reactor or similar.

    Hope it works out.
    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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