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    Sick Ocellaris Clown

    I have a medium-sized ocellaris clown in my tank, and lately I've been noticing abrasions at the base of one of the clown's lateral fins. It looks like the fish is bleeding from the base of the fin, and that it might also be deteriotrating. The clown is eating and behaving like normal, and breathing seems to be about the same as usual. There aren't any aggressive fish in the tank, and I haven't seen the clown scratching at the rocks or anything like that. What could this be?

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    What else do you have in your tank? (fish excluded)
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    It could be a bacterial skin infection or a vibrio infection. These two types of conditions are the only ones listed in my book that involve the skin / fines that include bleeding without white blotches or other symptoms at the same time. If the skin starts shedding at the site where blood is seen be prepared to act FAST with treatment.

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    What is the proper treatment for this type of sickness? I have some Maracyn medication that I could treat him with. Would that help?

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