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    Ocellaris Clown not making me laugh

    Clown history
    purchased: Saturday February 2, 2008
    location: Oakville Big Al's

    My tank: 75g, 0 amm, 0 n-ites, 10 n-ates, 1.024, 81.5F, 8.2pH

    It was purchased and introduced with a Black Ocellaris purchased from Reef Raft the same day. The Black Ocellaris is in perfect health.

    They paired up beautifully when introduced to the tank together.


    Last weekend, I got two myself. One for Jennifer, and one for me. Her's is orange, mine is black. Her orange one is slightly larger, and were both introduced to the tank together.

    The thing is, now her orange one is having a little problem. Until Thursday night, it was absolutely fine, but on Thursday night, I redid some of the LR in my tank. Now since then, we have noticed a deterioration of only his tail fin. In the morning, the clear outter part part of his fin was disappearing, then by night there was no clear part left, and now in the morning the day after (Saturday), the black part of his tail is pretty much gone.

    Like I said, the only change to the tank, has been the rearranging of some live rock.

    Do you have any idea what is wrong? I have taken him out of the 75g tank, and am dripped it for the quarantine tank yesterday morning.

    I also tried searching with no avail.

    I looked up fin rot, but from my understanding, it attacks all the fishes fins, where this particular clown, is only having problems with his tail fin. It by no means looks like it rotting. It's not spliced or cut, just looks like it is wearing back.

    I asked around yesterday what other's thought it would be. I went to Reef Raft, Where's the Reef, and Dragon Aquarium.

    Everyone, when I described the details best I could, first suggested an invert was clipping away at the clowns tail. I have 2 pistol shrimp in the tank. Plus a handful of crabs. I kinda collect crabs.

    It was suggested I put some Melafix in the quarantine with Jennifer's clown as well. So I did. I hope that's okay.

    The tank has been running since the second week in December, but I had a rough time setting it up properly. I didn't have the proper lighting or skimmer until around new years. So if those first three weeks counted, I am looking at just over two months of running time.

    As for other fish in the tank, I have 2 Blue Neon Damsel's, 3 Green Chromis's, My Black Ocellaris, Watchman Goby, Lader Glider Goby, 2 Pistol Shrimp, 2 Emerald Crabs, 1 Strawberry Crab, 1 Pom Pom Crab, 1 Halloween Hermit, 1 Porcelain Crab, and your typical blue legged's crabs. There is also a few other crabs, but there is usually only one of each.

    I test the tank more than I have too apparently, but I am running at 8.2ph, 1.024, 0 amm, 0 n-ite's, and 5 n-ates.

    The two Clowns I introduced together, and they have been best friends. They are always doing their own thing, and since I got them last weekend, I seriously don't think I have seen anyone bug the clowns. MAYBE once a Blue Neon Damsel bugged him. The only real time I see them all mix together, is during feeding, and even then they don't bug each other.

    He was eating in the large tank, and when I put him in the 10g, I fed him later,and he ate, but wasn't darting around the tank to grab everything he can. More like he swam gently towards what ever was near, but he ate none-the-less.

    Uhm, other than that, I don't know what more I can tell you. Let me know if you need more info.

    As you can see from the pics, it's ONLY his tail fin that is having a problem. And I could have sworn there was some black on his tail fin when I put him in the quarantine yesterday morning.

    Any and all of your help is much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    could be a few things, the 2 i'm thinking about are: fin rott desease or he's being picked at by the other guy.

    if its the desease, quarantine him and if you cant qt, add some garlic to the fish's diet .. always worked for me. I find that if he's in good shape, he'll pull through fine.

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    It's in a 10g QT as we speak, with Melafix

    Quote Originally Posted by liv View Post
    could be a few things, the 2 i'm thinking about are: fin rott desease or he's being picked at by the other guy.

    if its the desease, quarantine him and if you cant qt, add some garlic to the fish's diet .. always worked for me. I find that if he's in good shape, he'll pull through fine.

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    I think we go to extreme steps too fast (quarantine). I find in this kind of situation , their survival rate is much better with garlic treatment. It works a lot better for me. I am sure he will be fine.

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    i agree with these guys, try adding some garlic extract to some very high protein food like P.E. Mysis. also try feeding Omega One marine flakes with garlic, for an easy way to give them some garlic everyday. i don't think they sell the P.E. Mysis or the Omega One at BA's but if you're from the Oakville area the ORG ( Oakville Reef Gallery ) is in the plaza just north of BA's, they aren't open on mondays but if you go in on tuesday Tom will fix you up.

    because it is only his tail, i suspect it's a mean fish, keep an eye on the damsel, they can be buggers once they spot a weakness. when the clowns are ready to go back home keep a real close eye on the other inhabitants.


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