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Thread: Eye Bubble?!?!

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    Eye Bubble?!?!

    Hey... New member here, having a little problem: so one of my 2 yellow tailed blue damsels has what looks like a white bubble forming over his left eye... wondering if anyone knows what this is, if its treatable or if it is something that can be caught by any of my other fish...



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    Pop-eye maybe? I've never had it with marine fish, but had with freshwater.
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    i agree, sounds like pop eye. can you post a pic??

    do you have a QT or HT??

    how long have you had him???

    tell us some more about your system please......

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    I can try to get a picture, sure. Not sure what you mean by QT and HT. My tank has been up and running about 2 months, its 30 gallons tall, corallife lighting strip, rena xp1 canister filter, oceanic nano cube protein skimmer, about 40 lbs live rock, live sand, have 2 clownfish, 3 black and white damsels, 2 yellow tailed damsels, 1 clown gobbie, 1 sand sifting star, 5 cleaner snails, 5 cleaner crabs, and once piece of coral that im not sure the name of (its got long tenticles), some zoos and a little mushroom (again, no idea what its called.)

    ill post a pic of the bubble eye asap. thanks

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    QT= Quarantine tank OR HT=Holding/Hospital tank

    We had a similar problem with our clown fish. Turns out he had been bit by our coral bandid shrimp (caught him in the act). He did recover.

    You should post some pics, we all love pics!! Oh yeah and its helpful to help diagnose! :P

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