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    A tank syndrome , swimming in the corner for tank bred fish. true or false ?

    I have a pair of tank bred picasso clowns that just swims in the upper corner of my tank and stay there since i got them. I've been told by a breeder that it was a syndrome of a % of fish od many tank bred fish to do that. So was he telling me i bought dum and dummer and that they'll never act like other fish and swim the lenght of the tank, or at least go another direction, its sickening to see really. I have an Elegant, Hammers, Frogspawns and torch, they're not even interested at going even close to one of them. The thing is i could see this when i bought them they were in a small cube you see hard to see them act in these conditions.... i'm really not happy with this anybody have that and have they finally found a solution. Other than this weird behavior they're in perfect health, but.... is it a falty fish???
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    Never heard of that one before - what happens during feeding?
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    How long have you had them? ive had some that have stayed in an area of the tank for a few weeks until they got comfortable. especially if others are territorial.

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    Maybe it will take them some time to get their heads together. You should just give it a few weeks, and if they still aren't acting normal, then you should probably do something else about it, maybe move them elsewhere for a while and see how that goes.

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