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Thread: Sick clown

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    Sick clown

    With the spring FIji order from AC, I got two WC black percula clowns. One died a couple of hours after I got it. The other seemed OK for about 10 days and then developed a red lesion on his right jaw and fin area. There was one white spot but it didn't spread. It looked like the infection JHardman has described on RC.

    Over the past 2 months, the fish has been in a 10G QT. I've tried various treatments including Formalin dips (X5), fresh water dip, low SG tank water and three different antibiotics. Things got better for a while but have now gone worse. The fish is active (as much as any clown is active :-)) and seems to be eating OK. But, I'm stuck about what to do next.

    I bounced this by Johnny_rock this morning (hope you don't mind me putting this out into a public forum too). Johnny's suggestion was to back off further treatment and to let nature take its course (seems like good advice), using vitamin enriched foods.

    The question for the forum is whether I should leave the fish in the QT (which has limited filtration and less stable water quality) or move him to my 29G which is stable and healthy. My worry is that I may infect other fish. But, I can see the potential advantage of the larger tank.

    I'd be interested in any opinions on this. Plus, any suggestions for any thing else I could do.


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    i had sick clowns before.... and did'nt have any QT tank at the time.. so I let nature run its course.. and I was successfull.
    just gave them super enriched foods.. and a few weeks after..all was gone.

    if you dont already use the following, i think you should get them: Selcon & garlic suplement.

    one more thing; keep your hands out of that tank.. stop running in front of it... keep stress at a minimum.

    even put curtains on it if you like.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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