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    unexplained death!!!!

    3 weeks ago i how a blackcap basslet at a lfs and i bought it. he hid for 3 days then all of a sudden he popped his head out for food. and for 2 weeks he swam around fine and eat great. i fed my fish sat. nite and they all eat.i woke up sunday morning and one of my cleaner shrimps were dead. then later that evening i noticed that the blackcap basslet was dead. NOW about 5 mins ago i see this huge chuck of fish floating in the tank and i couldn't make out what it was, until i show it to my wife and it was my very first fish from 2 1/2 years ago Flame Angel. he was so fat and healthy that i can't explain what is going on. the only thing that i can think of is that i fed them on sat. with some formula 1 and 2 that has been in the freezer for about 6 months. can thta be it???

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    Could be many things...
    Water params?
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    my water is good , the temp is steady at 80 i do my water changes ever month , all params are good i checked them last weekend

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    the only other thing is that when i fill my kalk reactor up with kalkwasser thr PH raise to 8.6, then as there is less in the reactor it settles at 8.4

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    Very sorry for your losses I'm by far not an expert...(but!)here's my 2 cents..
    Might be that the food went bad & the fish were poisoned..
    that'd explain the shrimp death.
    your temp is a bit high. I'm not sure, but I dont think you should be at 80.
    I gotta couple of guesses: Could be that when the shrimp, basselet died, it polluted the water, and the flame angel could have died from 'funky dead fish water'. OR that the spoiled food took longer to take affect on the Flame since he was bigger & healthy.
    did you QT that basselet? Sounds like he's in your main tank? (not lecturing, just wondering.) If it weren't for the shrimp death I'd almost wonder if the basselet introduced a parasite.
    good luck I hope your troubles are over soon.
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