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Thread: fin splitting?

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    fin splitting?

    My maroon clown, who appears to be in perfect health (great appetite, normal breathing, high activity level), seems to be having issues with her dorsal fin. It looks as though it has split down the individual lines of said fin. It doesn't look like tail rot, as no parts of the fin are missing, falling off or rotting; it just seems to have seperated. My computer's being an idiot, so I can't upload the photos I took, but I'll try again later. Any suggestions would help. Thanks

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    clownfish desease ? I had that on both my clowns, the male had it worse and for a while had only half a fin, the other was totally gone... but it grew back with good food, low stress.

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    Hi Sara,
    I would look and see if there are any other fish attacking it, if not you must look for "STRESS" which is brought on by poor water conditions even low oxygen levels.although there is no signs of tail rot do not rule it out the bacteria that is found in the aquarium is always there,when a fish is experiencing STRESS this opportunistic bacteria will spread and take advantage of the situation.

    So find what could be causing it stress,in the meantime I would boost its food with vitamins garlic is good to combat any bacterial infection that may takehold,test water and oxygen levels.


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    Other than nitrate levels being high, the water quality is fine. We've done weekly water changes, but I can't get nitrates down. I've been careful not to overfeed, in fact I've cut down on feeding to try to combat this issue, with no success. I can't figure out what to do with the nitrates, and that's probably part of the fish's problem. The only other fish in the tank is a coral beauty, who swims, sleeps and plays with the maroon. There has never been any sign of aggression between the two, so I don't think the problem lies there. Thanks for the advice,

    PS: I want to remove the media from my canister filter, as that may very well be the cause of the nitrates. I've read that it should be removed slowly. Does anyone know how long it should take to remove two layers of media? Also, should I do water changes more frequently to try and cut down on nitrates?

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    sara, I personally think that you could empty your cannister in one shot- you only have two fish in there and live rock to take care of any ammonia that MIGHT result from removing the media. I doubt you will have any ammonia anyway. If you are not convinced, remove one section and 3 weeks later remove the other, I am fairly certain you won't have a problem.
    I'm stumped about the torn fins- it usually means fighting, maybe the two fish are having a Fight Club in the middle of the night!!?

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