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Thread: Heeeeeelp!!!

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    Here is my problem.

    I purchased an emperor angelfish 2 months ago.
    He was fine for a month but after that, he started breathing from one side. One of his opercula was closed.I've noticed a white spot or two around that closed opercula.

    In time, it became worse and worse, At one point, he was breathing about 140 times/minute from that one side which is not closed. He is a bit listless.

    The water parameters are as follow
    No3= 5 mg/l
    No2= .05 mg/l
    nh3= undetectable
    ph= 8.2
    t= 78f
    All parameters are steady. No new addittions since the emperor. The emperor is mutating colors

    I have noticed very little scratching. Only once did I notice him scracth himself (his closed opercula) against the rocks. He eats very well, he is the dominant one in the aquarium with no fighting.

    I've given him two freshwater baths . The first one was two days ago and he took it very well. He was breathing fine in no time!
    But, yesterday, all was back to abnormal (closed opercula, rapid breathing etc.) !!!

    I gave him another freshwater bath yesterday and for now he is ok. (but the bath was harder on him this time). Breathes about 60 times/ minute from both sides and is more active.

    Here are my questions:
    1) I think it's gill flukes, do you agree ? If not what is it ?
    2) What should I do ???

    Thank you for responding

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    Sounds like it is gill flukes and sounds like you might be helping with the fresh water baths.

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    It might be some internal parasites also.DO you have any pictures?I had my emperor dies 2 months ago also

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    I think copper is the only way to go here. Ick or oodinium or gill flukes can cause the same symptoms and copper will kill them all and better than anything else. A quarentine tank for treatment would be best I guess, but it is likely that it is in the display and you may want to consider dosing the display...I know the ramifications- killing the live rock etc, but sometimes it has to be done...
    Why do you have no2?? nitrite is almost as toxic as ammonia, angels will NOT tolerate ANY ammonia or nitrite- they are way too sensitive, they don't even like nitrate over 10 ppm.

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    HOw are all your other fishes?if they seam fine,id install a uv light to make sure that all the parasites get killed.After i bought more parasites,and ill tell for the price of one uv you will pay for that angel in an instant,cause im sure you paid around 200$ for that fish.
    Copper will stay in your tank and any invetabrate you have or will have later on will get affected by it.Use a cheap 10 gallon tank with 3/4 tank water and the rest with new water.Add a little filter and dont put any rocks.Put a 4 inche pvc pipe or something similar to make him feel a bit more comfortable.have a little light for the tank too.

    Emperor angels are extremely sensitive to copper so make sure to have a copper test kit from salifert.

    You can "use maracyn two "at a double dose witch i thought was very effective but you have to give double the dose recommended.

    I prefer maracyn to copper for angel because they are very very sensitive to it.But copper is very effective if you have the perfect dosage,and if you go the copper way i would test the water for the right dosage twice a day.Make sure you have no nitrate,nitrate or ammonia because they are sensitive to that too.

    Im not saying this out of the blue i had some problem on both my angels and i did lots of reserche and got alot of advice too from ATJ from reef central

    it would be nice to have a picture if you can

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    Copper is for sure the best cure for this issue. Copper seems to be best for almost all parasites. It however MUST be used with care and MUST be used in bare bottom tanks. If you use copper in a tank with any decor you will likely never get the dose correct and will ether kill the fish or not cure the disease. Rock and anything porous including sand will absorb the copper out of the water and affect the dose. If you don't have a QT (Quarantine Tank) this is a good time to start one. It should be very simple .. a small power head to move the water around, a small heater, and a glazed ceramic cup or short piece of ABS tubing for the fish to hide in. Enough light to inspect the fish is all that is required in the lighting dept.

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