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    Flatworm Exit..great stuff

    Tried Flatworm Exit this morning, was a little afraid at first. But it did exactly what it should....get rid of those flatworms ..right on....everything else is OK.:biggrinbo

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    good stuff slykat... keep an eye on your tank for the next few weeks... they have been know to bounce back. If you notice any... dose again before their numbers get out of hand.

    You should also get into the habit of dosing your corals while you acclimate them to lessen the chances of getting infected again. HTH


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    I agree - excellent stuff. It saved my reef from a very nasty plague of flatworms a year ago.

    I agree with all that Ivan has said. I had to dose a second time one week after the first time to get the last stragglers. That was absolutely the last I saw of the flatworms though.

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    Wow, Susan was that a year ago already?
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    The stuff is great but it does create a SMALL set back if you will in your critters and bacteria. I found small short mini-cycles after using it. I love the stuff though.
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    If all goes well I will be needing some in the new year :-)

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    More than a year now actually. It was the Spring of 2003. I did a tripple dose the first time and a double dose the second. No ammonia spike. I did run huge amounts of carbon in a canister filter and changed it several times as well I did a 50% water change afterwards.

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